At 1st Citizen it is our business to stay up-to-date with ever-changing immigration rules and secure approval of our clients’ visas. Our matchless reputation for excellence in the practice of law is acknowledged world-wide and is what makes us the UK’s best immigration lawyersEveryday from our London Birmingham offices, we make a lasting difference in our clients’ lives with top notch advice tailored to their circumstances, free of legal jargon and aimed to help get their visas with ease. 

Not only that, we specialise exclusively in immigration law and charge fixed fees – delivering value that extends far beyond what general practice solicitors may provide. Our authorisation from British OISC at level 3 [F201300782] is a testament to our expertise in immigration law at the highest level. Our litigation skills empower us to take a proactive approach allowing us to address problems at an early stage. Whether it’s a visa, immigration or citizenship application or appeal, we remain focused to achieve best results for our clients with least cost and stress. Click here to book an online, phone or office consultation to develop the best possible case and increase your prospects of success.

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