If you have renounced British citizenship, resumption of British citizenship might still be possible for you. You should seek legal advice so your circumstances can be assessed to see whether you can make the application to resume your lost British citizenship in one of the following ways:
Resumption as of Right

The British Nationality Act 1981 provides that resumption of British citizenship is permitted if “renunciation was necessary to enable the applicant to retain or acquire some other citizenship or nationality.” This is a matter of right and is available once only.

In majority of the cases, people renounce citizenship because they want to hold a public office in another country or take part in politics there. These are not good reasons for the resumption of British citizenship as the applicant was not forced to give it up because he had to acquire another country’s citizenship.

In other words, if the other country of which you want to become a citizen does not bar dual citizenship, you will not be able resume your British citizenship as a matter of right because the renunciant is not acquiring or retaining the other *citizenship* through the act of renunciation.


Applications under 13(1) should also be supported by a letter from the authorities of the country concerned (unless it is the UK or a British overseas territory) stating that the applicant’s renunciation of British citizenship was necessary in order to acquire or retain that country’s citizenship.

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