Apply for British Passport

Application for British Passport

Applications for the British passports are made to the UK government's Identity and Passport Service (IPS) which is charged with the responsibility to maintain and issue passports. All applicants over the age of sixteen (16) applying for passport for the first time have to attend an interview with IPS to verify their identity. It may take 6 weeks for your passport application to be processed.

Fast Track & Premium Service

If time is of essence and you need to renew your passport urgently, IPS offers fast-track one-week service and a premium one-day service. Both services require an appointment at a Passport Office. In some cases IPS may take longer to assess your application in order to confirm your particulars and verify your countersignatures.
Why us?

The immigration lawyers and advisers at 1st Citizen in London & Birmingham specialise in applications for British Passport and provide friendly, reliable and professional immigration advice and services ensuring your application meets all application rules and regulations.

As soon as we receive instructions from you with regards to your application for British Passport, we will come on record as your lawyers and take care of everything from ongoing immigration advice and evidence collation to application preparation, submissions and getting a decision on your application.

All of this is done by specialist UK immigration lawyers at affordable fixed fees unlike solicitors and we keep you updated from start to the completion of the work.
How we can help

The rules governing the grant of British passport are very complex but once the your British passport has been granted it can be very rewarding for the British citizens - allowing them to fly to over 173 countries in the world without a visa. As the UK's leading immigration lawyers with inimitable reputation for excellence in British passport applications, we will provide you with British passport advice and services that are tailored to your circumstances, free of legal jargon and aimed to get the best possible results for you.

We will make a professional assessment of your case for British passport advising you of its strengths and weaknesses. After receiving your instructions we will come on record as your lawyers and will not only provide ongoing British passport advice and collate supporting evidence, but will also prepare your British passport application and draft and submit legal representations in support of the same to the British Home Office. We will keep you informed throughout the British passport application process, liaise with the Home Office whilst your British passport application is considered and get a decision on your British passport application.

Our accredited immigration lawyers and advisers in London & Birmingham are authorised by the Home Office, specialise exclusively in British passport applications and charge affordable fixed fees unlike solicitors. Call or email us today to get the immigration advice and representation you need to develop the best possible case for your British passport and increase your chances of success.