Apply for Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa for UK Immigration

Further Tips
The investment funds must be held in cash

The funds do not need to be held by the applicants as long as they have permission to invest them in the UK.

Tier 4 Students cannot switch into the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa, they must apply from outside the UK.

For initial visa application the funds do not need to be in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). However the funds held must be equivalent to the required amount in GBP on the date of application.

If you made the investment before apply for the entrepreneur visa, you can rely on the investment if it was made within 12 months of the application date. If you apply on or after 6 April 2014, this period is extended to 24 months if your current or most recent grant of leave was under Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur).

The number of full time jobs created by the investment can be made up of a combination of part time jobs if the number of hours a week in the jobs meet the required threshold.

You may be able to team up with another person and jointly rely on the investment if you exercise equal control over the investment funds, and have both mentioned each other in your applications and have not been granted a visa under this category and no one else has relied on the same funds in another application.

If you are on a Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa and are required to show you are working at the required level you should note that this must be with respect to delivering the service of your business as opposed to any administrative, marketing or website function work.

You have to demonstrate that the funds were available to you throughout the relevant period prior to them being invested in the business.
Administrative Review

If an application for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa from abroad is refused, the applicant will have a right of "administrative review" of the decision which right must be exercised within 28 days of service of the decision.

The applicant will however only be able to rely on the information and evidence already submitted to the UK Visas & Immigration and will not be allowed to submit fresh evidence. It is therefore advisable to seek professional immigration advice and representation when making your visa application or the request for the review of any adverse decsion.
Wish to Apply?

If you'd like to apply for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa please be aware that a good number of applicants are refused even though they appear to have the required level of investment.

These refusals are attributable to the applicant's failure to provide evidence in the format required by the immigration rules or them being legally illiterate failing to properly understand the law.

The applicant as a result not not only lose the application but also the application fees. Another costly consequence of a failed visa application is that applicants are prevented from relying on new evidence demonstrating their eligibility in an appeal or further application for an administrative review.

It is therefore critical that proper immigration advice and representation is sought before you submit your case to the UK Visas & Immigration to ensure you meet all applicable immigration rules and policy guidelines increasing your prospects of success.
How we can help

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