Open consultation: Call for evidence review: economic impact of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) route

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By HM Government

The government has issued a commission to request the MAC to review the entrepreneur routes with a view to ensuring that the potential economic benefit of the routes are maximised. The MAC will also consider the attractiveness of the routes to genuine entrepreneurs. In particular, the MAC has been asked to consider whether:

  • the initial eligibility criteria of access to funds is sufficient and whether other criteria, for example, assessment of previous entrepreneurial activity and/or testing the purpose of the investment, should be applied
  • the existing eligibility and extension criteria are aligned sufficiently with entrepreneurial and early stage business life-cycles, including consideration of the role angel investors and crowd-funding
  • the route utilises international best practice. As part of this, the MAC is requested to consider route design and incentives to ensure competitiveness

The call for evidence review sets out the questions on which the MAC seeks views and evidence from partners as well as how to respond.

The MAC is also keen to meet with partners to discuss the issues raised and will be arranging meetings and events.

The closing date for responses to be received by the MAC is Friday 12 June 2015 and partners are strongly encouraged to submit their evidence before this date.

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