Apply For A Tier 2 General Work Visa

With the Tier 2 General visa you can
♠ work for your employer in the job specified in your certificate of sponsorship 
♠ do a 2nd job in the same sector and at the same level as your main job for up to 20 hours per week
♠ do a job which is on the shortage occupation list for up to 20 hours per week
♠ do voluntary work or study so long as it doesn’t affect your job
♠ travel abroad and return to the UK during the validity of your visa
♠ bring family members 

With the Tier 2 General visa you cannot
♠ own more than 10% of your sponsoring business's shares (unless your annual earnings exceed £153,500) ♠ claim public funds ♠ cannot do a second job however you will need to make another Tier 2 application if you'd like to do a second job which is neither voluntary nor in the same sector as your sponsored job.

Extending your Tier 2 visa
You may be able to apply to extend your stay in the UK under a Tier 2 (General) visa before it expires if you meet the following eligibility requirements. You should include any dependents - who are on your current visa - on your application to extend your stay.

You must have current visa in one of the following categories: Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur); Tier 2 (General); qualifying work permit holder; representative of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation; member of the operational ground staff of an overseas-owned airline; or Jewish agency employee.
You must also : have the same job as when you were issued the last visa; be working for the employer who issued your CoS; and earning an ‘appropriate salary’

You'll get a decision
♠ within 8 weeks for postal and online applications
♠ within 10 days for Tier 2 priority applications
♠ usually on the same day if you use the premium service

If however your application is complex it may take longer, and you may also be contacted, for instance, because: your supporting documents need verification; or you need to attend an interview or if there's any other issue such as a criminal conviction or adverse immigration history.

Under the law, your permission to stay and work in the UK will continue until the decision on your application so long as your application was submitted before your last visa ran out.

No more on shortage list?
If you were last granted visa for a job on shortage occupation list that is not at NQF 6 level and the job is no longer on the shortage occupation list, you can still apply for an extension, or to do the same job for another employer. Your job will still be regarded as one that meets the required skill level for Tier 2. If however you are changing employer in these circumstances, your new employer will need to carry out a resident labour market test before they can sponsor you.

Wish to Apply?
If you'd like to apply for the Tier 2 General visa please be aware that a good number of applicants are refused by the UK Visas & Immigration even though they appear to meet applicable immigration rules. Most of the refusals can be attributed to the applicant's failure to provide evidence in the format required by the immigration rules or them being legally illiterate failing to properly understand the law.

The applicant as a result not not only lose the application but also the application fees. Another costly consequence of a failed visa application is that applicants are prevented from relying on new evidence demonstrating their eligibility in an appeal or further application for an administrative review.

It is therefore critical that proper immigration advice and representation is sought before you submit your case for Tier 2 General Visa to the British Home Office. Our immigration lawyers and advisers in London and Birmingham can advise and represent you in your Tier 2 application and ensure that it meets all applicable immigration rules and policy guidelines whilst increasing your prospects of success.

Our accredited immigration lawyers and advisers in London & Birmingham specialise exclusively in Tier 2 visa applications and charge affordable fixed fees unlike solicitors. Call or email us today to get the immigration advice and representation you need to develop the best possible case for your Tier 2 visa.

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