Transparency data: HM Passport Office: November 2015

By HM Government

This document contains data on:

  • domestic applications for new, renewed, replacement, updated or extended UK passports
  • orders for official copies of a birth, adoption, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates
  • processing adoption orders and providing a new birth certificate
  • authorisations of corrections to birth, death, marriage, civil partnership or still-birth registrations
  • access to birth records for adopted adults
  • people authorised to register marriages in a building
  • receipt and processing of overseas marriage or civil partnership certificates
  • applications to reduce to the 15 day notice period for marriage or civil partnership
  • clearing foreign divorces and foreign civil partnership dissolutions
  • authorisations of late death registrations
  • applications by British nationals to renew or apply for a passport from overseas
  • applications to transfer parenthood from a surrogate to the commissioning couple
  • applications for a gender recognition certificate
  • registrations by adoptees and their birth relatives seeking contact with each other
  • authorisations of re-registrations of births
  • licences issued for marriage and civil partnership

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