UK Immigration Services

It always pays to get specialist immigration advice before submitting a case to the Home Office as a good number of applicants are refused just because they don't understand the complexities of the ever-changing immigration law or fail to meet the strict evidential requirements.
Once refused, prospects of success in future applications are also doomed as immigration record is tarnished. As most refusals have neither a right of appeal nor refunds for costly fees, they cause further set back to an otherwise eligible applicant.

The successful applicants, on the other hand, have specialist immigration advice & representation behind them.
Our initial advice becomes free if afterward you retain us for full service. Take advantage of this offer, and not risk your future.

Our accredited immigration lawyers can help with all kinds of visas & immigration, indefinite leave to remain and citizenship, EEA family permits, and retained and derivative rights of residence applications. Our specialist immigration lawyers & advisers in London & Birmingham also provide legal representation in asylum, temporary admission and bail applications and in cases involving detention and removal.

Authorised & Affordable UK Immigration Services

1st Citizen Lawyers are authorised by the British OISC, and specialise exclusively in immigration law unlike general practise solicitors. Not only that, we charge affordable fixed fees - making us an immigration firm that is not only affordable but also one that commands your confidence and trust.
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"The immigration lawyers at 1st Citizen treated us with respect, responded in a timely manner, and were more knowledgeable than anyone else we spoke to.

I am truly grateful for your prompt attention enabling my family to get back to our lives and focus on our future."
R Sudera
R Sudera
Actual Client
Phone Advice
Our basic immigration advice package is suitable for you if you need one-off advice over the phone or email. The advice session will last for 25 minutes and will not be confirmed in writing.

If however you'd like us to confirm the advice on our official company headed paper, please ask for the following Written Consultation Package.
Written Immigration Advice
With this standard immigration advice package, our experienced advisers will receive your instructions and run you through the visa process whilst advising you on your options, compliance with the applicable Immigration Rules and required evidence.

The adviser will also assess the prospects of success of your immigration application.

The immigration advice will be confirmed in writing afterward on our official company headed paper which you can use to help with your immigration, visa, indefinite leave to remain or citizenship application.
Eligibility Assessment
This service package offers legal immigration advice with in-depth review and assessment of your immigration history and supporting documents and evidence to enable you to make a solid immigration application.

If required we will also obtain your past immigration records directly from the UK Border Agency.
Full Service (Advice, Evidence, Application & Legal Representation)
This full service package includes ongoing immigration advice, assessment, application and representation offering everything you need to make a watertight immigration application as we come on record as your legal representatives providing full assistance with all aspects of your case from advice, assessment, and preparation of your case to application representation and submission as well as receiving an immigration decision.

We will receive complete instructions from you, gather and assess all important evidence, information and history, advise you on your options and on the applicable immigration rules and regulations and assist you in completing the relevant application forms.

We will then prepare a full legal representation documents citing the relevant legal precedents, policies and authorities in support of your immigration, asylum, ILR or citizenship application and submit the same along with your application.

UK Visas & Immigration, British Embassy or High Commission will stay in touch with us throughout the process and we will answer their queries as and when required until your immigration application is finally determined.
Sameday & Super Premium
The same day premium service allows same day decisions on immigration and indefinite leave to remain applications from the UK Visas & Immigration.

The super premium service also allows same day decisions on immigration or indefinite leave remain applications but offers additional convenience of having the UKVI team to visit you at a location of your choice. UKVI team will come to the agreed location, review your immigration matter and make a decision on the same day. Our immigration law team will be present there to advise, support and represent you.
Switch to Premium
If time is of essence and you want a quicker immigration decision on your postal visa application because it is taking longer than anticipated, we can help you get your postal application considered under the Premium Service.

This is helpful in case you have urgent travel plans or if you need visa at an early date for employment.