UK Startup Visa

UK Startup Visa opens up new opportunities to do business in the UK

What is a Start-up visa?

The Start-up visa category allows skilled entrepreneurs to set up new businesses in the UK.

The route will be open to those starting a business for the first time in the UK, while the Innovator visa route will be for more experienced business people who have funds to invest in their business.

Will the start-up visa applicants need to have initial funding?

Applicants will not need to have secured any initial funding nor will they need to be graduates.

What would be the length of the Start-up visa?

Successful applicants will be granted 2 years’ leave to remain in the UK. Thereafter, they will be able to progress into the Innovator visa category to continue developing their businesses in the UK.

Will the applicants need endorsement from any organisation or public body?

Start-up visa applicants will have secure endorsement from reputable organisations like business accelerators, seed competitions and government agencies, as well as higher education providers in the UK.

Part W5, of the Appendix W in Immigration Rules, details the applicable requirements for the start-up visa, including who can endorse visa applicants, monitoring responsibilities and the format of the endorsement letter.

The letter must contain specified information with details on the proposed business’s “innovation, viability and scalability”.

Will the Start-up visa lead to permanent settlement in the UK?

Unfortunately, not. The rules Appendix W make clear that start-up visa “does not lead directly to settlement in the UK”.

However, start-up visa holders may switch onto an innovator visa. The rules also provide for transitional arrangements for Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa holders to switch onto the new scheme.

How do I apply? 

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